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Concerns Raised Over Makybe Rise Primary School

23 Jul 2014, by Paul Papalia in Community, Featured

In recent times I have formally written to the Barnett government Minister for Education on behalf of the Makybe Rise Primary School community to raise some serious issues confronting the school.


Demountable Classrooms

The first matter was in relation to the school having more demountable classrooms than any other school in the state. Despite the likelihood that a number of the demountables will be permanent fixtures, there has been no shelter from elements provided outside these classrooms. I asked the Minister to investigate and respond to the need for better shelter.


Parking Woes

The second matter was parking. Makybe is one of the largest primary schools in the state but would have to have some of the worst parking and traffic management. I wrote to the Minister and enclosed pictures from a fairly standard pick up day to illustrate the extent of the problem.

I am not happy with the responses I have received and plan to campaign for a better result. Despite this, I did want to post the correspondence so the community are aware of the action taken to date.

I welcome any feedback or comment. Please use the email form on my contact page if you’d like to write in on this matter.