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Warnbro Joeys

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1st Warnbro Sound Scout Group: Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of six and eight. ┬áThe activities are aimed at helping the Joey Scouts learn about themselves, nature, helping others and finding fun in accordance with the Joey Scout theme “Helping Other People”(HOP).

Joey Scouts form a Mob. A Mob has a maximum of 24 children. Leaders are not referred to as Mr or Mrs but by names of Australian native animals.

What Joey Scouts Do
Joey Scouts do a wide variety of things in their Section. Some of these include cutting, drawing, colouring, painting, pasting, making musical instruments and singing, flying kites and listening to stories.

The Joey Scout Promise, Law and Theme
“Helping Other People” sets the direction upon which activities are based, such as telling stories which give concrete expressions of sharing, helping and caring, using action songs, exemplifying the values in games, activities, crafts etc.