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Singleton Sharks Little Athletics Club

21.06.2018 in

Little Athletics is a modified athletics program for children from 5 to 16 years with around 100,000 Little Athletes participating at almost 500 centres across the country....

Singleton Irwinians Cricket Club

21.06.2018 in

2014 saw the merge of The Singleton Blues and The Old Irwinians Cricket Clubs. A Winter meeting between James Pearson / Tim Lees (SCC) & Ian Jack / Bryce Evans...

Singleton Primary School

20.06.2014 in

It takes a village to raise a child. Singleton Primary School brings this ethos to life. Established in 1996 to serve the southern metropolitan coastal communities of Madora Bay, Singleton, Golden...

Singleton Residents Association

09.06.2014 in

The SRA is a voluntary community group representing the residents of Singleton to local, state and federal government. ...