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Singleton Primary School

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It takes a village to raise a child.

Singleton Primary School brings this ethos to life. Established in 1996 to serve the southern metropolitan coastal communities of Madora Bay, Singleton, Golden Bay and semi rural Karnup, it is now an independent public school recognised for its commitment to equity and inclusivity.

Singleton is a “village school” in every sense, with the school’s ethos of “equity, enterprise and endeavour” central to the notion of collective community responsibility for child development. The Singleton village serves as an extended family where children are schooled in an environment of mutual respect and community mindedness.

Our Vision

Our school is a motivating, dynamic learning community preparing students for the future by engaging them today.

Our Purpose

At Singleton we develop in our students:

  • A desire to learn and to maximise their opportunities
  • A social and environmental conscience associated with being a good citizen
  • The capacity to achieve their full potential in all ways – academic, social, physical, emotional and creative.